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Large sections of the population of the North and East of SriLanka, have been devastated by the ravages of the civil war and the Tsunami of 2004. The tragic consequence has been, the massive loss of life and livelihoods, and the creation of countless orphans and other needy children. 

The Foster care project was adopted, to fulfill the educational needs and the holistic development of affected children in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka.

AEDU UK, was started in 2009 ,to provide sponsors for the foster care project. The demand for sponsors, however, exceeds our rate of supply, with desperate , needy children, awaiting our help. Together, we can relieve their desperation and instill hope where there is despair.



  • Enable the placement of homeless children, with guardian families, giving them secure and caring homes.
  • Give financial support to a needy child, enabling his/ her family to care for him/her.
  • Prevent school drop outs, due to financial hardship.
  • Retain these children in their communities, protecting them from child abuse.
  • Build stable and self-reliant communities.

 The success of the project is due to the cost effective, efficient administration of our partner organizations in Sri Lanka.

  •  Management by a team of dedicated trustees ,working voluntarily.
  • Regular home /school visits monitoring ,the holistic well being of the child and the assessment of the proper use of sponsorship funds.
  • Provision of updates to sponsors, on the progress of the sponsored, cultivating the special link between the sponsor and sponsored


Please sponsor a child

A younger child for £15 or an adolescent for £ 20 a month

Or for

Fractions or multiples of these amounts.

Please pledge whatever you can and return the standing order/ donation form to

AEDU. UK , 1A, Hardy Avenue, South Ruislip ,Middlesex.HA4 6SU.


Together, we can uplift the lives of these innocent victims of war and nature.

Thank you



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