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Thank you for visiting our website aeduuk.org and furthering your interest in our work.

The ravages of the civil war and the devastation of the tsunami of 2004, led to massive loss of life and livelihoods, creating countless children in need.

The foster care project was started to fulfill the educational needs and the holistic development of affected children. The main aim of the project is to care for them in family units, retaining them in their own communities, with the help of sponsors.

AEDU UK was launched in July 2009 and became a registered charity in June 2011. (Charity Commission webpage – AEDU.UK Reg.Charity No:1142552)

AEDU.UK is a donor organization, providing sponsors for the foster care project, administered by local AEDU units in Sri Lanka , as well as other charities operating in the Northern and Eastern regions.

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